Several members of LA United (D'lulo's founding Holding Company) identified a need for restaurants to make deliveries owned by LAU partners, and the best option they found was to offer a solution that would allow them to continue operating in the midst of the pandemic because the existing platforms, instead of helping, were 'strangling' small establishments, demanding up to 40% of the sale.
By offering accessible and reliable delivery where customers and restaurants could track in real time where the order was going, D'lulo offered a technological solution to the food industry as many mostly Hispanic sites were closing their doors. The restaurants that were part of the company saw their income increase and they gave up closing, maintaining dozens of jobs in the hospitality sector.
D’lulo was born with the idea of supporting restaurants that were about to close their doors and pleasing those customers who have been deprived of continuing to delight their favourite dishes due to the pandemic.
Likewise, it helped revitalise the battered economy by offering a job alternative to the delivery men who were linked to the company. To this extent, it wishes to continue expanding its list of restaurants and include the most varied gastronomy that the United Kingdom offers in a privileged way due to the diversity of cultures that inhabit the British Isles and in this way to be able to please even the most exquisite of palates, taking them to the door of your house or the place where you find any craving.
All hand in hand with technology, that is why the platform handles the operation from the moment an order is placed until the order arrives at the client's home, an order that is followed in real time through the application.

The company was founded by Hispanics in the United Kingdom and the intention is to achieve expansion throughout the European continent. What D'lulo pursues in the short time of operations is to expand its portfolio of services and work with other sectors that wish to use the platform to carry any article the same day, adding to the current distribution channels that exist but that meet the need of their clients the next day.