These are the Questions & Answers about D’lulo

Is it safe to order through D’Lulo?

It is a priority for us to offer a 100% guaranteed service to our customers and that is why throughout the delivery chain (customers / restaurants / delivery people) we have used actions to ensure that what you ask for is what you receive. In the same way, we have implemented biosafety protocols so that delivery is hygienic, adapting our service to the current demands of the pandemic. 

How are you supporting restaurants?

In the current circumstances the hospitality and gastronomic sector has been hit by COVID-19. That is why we have encouraged all customers to continue offering their products through our platform and in this way, deliver their delicious dishes to thousands of families around London. 
We have distributed guides and at the same time, offered training so that the delivery is safe, minimising contact with the packaging and applying 100% hygiene practices. 


We are here to offer restaurants that want to continue offering their incredible food to families at home during this difficult time. We are working with restaurants to streamline their delivery operations, and we are doing everything we can to make sure people still have access to the food they want and need.

What the D'lulo platform offers 

Following the recommendations of the British government, we have developed a guide that has been socialized with our delivery people and applied in all places where take-away food or drink is served from establishments that use the D ‘lulo’s platform.
Our affiliates, at the same time, apply all biosecurity protocols complying with current government criteria with COVID safe sites, minimizing contact with the packaging and applying the best hygiene practices. 

What happens if I have a complaint? 

You can contact the establishment if you have any questions or complaints through the telephone numbers or contact channels that the different restaurants advertise on our platform. If any complaint or request is not resolved, our team will always be waiting to help you so that you are satisfied with your order by writing to us at 

What D’lulo offers my business 

All establishments will have great media exposure through our marketing campaigns. In the same way, an online marketing support is provided where the different letters are announced as well as promotions offered by the establishments, publishing their opening hours, location and contact numbers or web addresses.

Do you have enough delivery staff? 

At the moment there are a number of people who can cover the operation in South London where our affiliates are located and, at the same time, D'lulo will be constantly recruiting staff to support the operation of each restaurant that wishes to deliver its food in the announced times to your clientele. 

What technology does D'lulo use? 

It has the development of an App for both customers, restaurants and drivers in order to make deliveries with 'Minimum Contact' by making a click ensuring consumers that the delivery and handling of their food is performed safely. 

How can I be in contact with D'lulo 

We have enabled our email  or our WhatsApp (44) 7857 576262 by chat, that you can use at the assigned hours when the delivery operation is running and that runs from 10:00 am to 10:00pm from Monday to Thursday and Friday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm.

How long does it take to deliver my order? 

The delivery promise is 45 min but our ‘army’ of collaborators who make up the delivery and logistics service will try to be within 35 minutes from the moment you placed your order through the application. 

How D’lulo was born 

It was the idea of a group of entrepreneurs of Ibero-American origin. Being in the middle of the pandemic, they realised that many of the businesses were closing their doors due to confinement and could not offer their products, because the existing platforms charged up to 40% of the total sale of the product plus the address, which made it unfeasible the operation for restaurant owners. Their mission has always been to bring their products / services directly to the customers' doorstep and at reasonable costs.

How does D’lulo work? 

In order to receive your order, you must register and enter one or more addresses where you normally want to receive your orders (Home / Office). You can place your orders through the website or the application that runs from both Android and iOS operating systems. Once you enter your zip code, the application or the web will show you which restaurant options are within your perimeter; Once you choose, place your order and it will arrive through our distributors.

What restaurant options do I have in the App? 

There is a lot of variety, from Latin food to delicious Sushi. But our range may increase each time we expand our logistics services through the platform to other sectors. 

The hours in which an order can be placed 

This varies, although our service always opens from early hours in the morning depends a lot on the hours of the restaurants. The recommendation is that you observe the opening hours of each restaurant that you select. Many of them extend their hours until late at night. 

How do I receive my food?

We take very seriously the way your order is handled from the moment it leaves the restaurant. That is why each member of our logistics team carries their order in a thermal briefcase to maintain the temperature of the food as it was received by the delivery person, which will keep your food hot or cold for longer. 

Do you accept cash? 

To avoid contact and complying with current government criteria, our orders must be made by card. This facilitates a safer work environment for our couriers by avoiding paying with cash. 

Do I have to make a minimum expense? 

It depends a lot on the restaurant, although we always recommend that the minimum value of your order exceeds the cost of the address to make it worthwhile. Although we know that many cravings can exceed that value that you have to pay to have what you want many times and that already depends on you and the restaurant and you will be informed when completing your order if there is a demand from the restaurant for a purchase minimal.

If I order through the App, will it cost the same as the restaurant? 

It is a recommendation that we always make to restaurants not only in the price of the dishes that usually cost the same but in the number of servings. But it depends on the establishment because some include or add the disposables or utensils that they include in their order. 

If I live or pass near the site I can pick it up myself? 

Yes of course. All you need is to order it and click on the Pickup option from the application. 
We know that many times the same restaurants do not have enough staff to answer all your calls and our App can be a great option to help us quickly.

If I have problems with my order, what happens? 

If there is any problem with your order, the recommendation is that you call the restaurant and if you do not find an answer there that will resolve your concerns, you can contact us through our chat or email. We will be willing to resolve any issue you may have with your order.

If I want to include something else, can I? 

The only way is to place another order. We also suggest you contact the restaurant if you want to add or make any changes to your order.

Can my order be delayed? 

There are things that can get out of hand or are out of our control. We will try if it is your case, to be in communication with you so that your order arrives within the estimated time and that it covers our promise of sale.

What happens if I am absent when my delivery person arrives with my order? 

You must inform us if such a situation occurs through the WhatsApp chat that appears in our application. In case you have to be absent, you can write in the NOTES option of the App any news related to your order and in the same way you will have the option of calling the driver who takes your order. If it is impossible to contact you, the delivery person will wait 10 minutes outside your home. And if we are unable to contact you after exhausting all of the above options, you will be charged for your order. 

How much is my fee for placing an order with D’lulo? 

The fee varies and this depends on how far or close you are from the restaurant you have chosen. Many restaurants have their own delivery men, if this is the case and you only used our platform to place the order, it depends on the rate applied by the establishment for shipping. 

When will I be able to order in my area? 

D’lulo is a food delivery service and other services. We are expanding rapidly, but our catchment area for now is South London. When you least believe, we will be close to your area of influence.